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The new version of BOS has arrived!
This help page refers to the old version of BOS and will remain online until all existing customers have been migrated to the new BOS.
If you have been migrated or are a new customer please visit the new site

Updates and enhancements

The BOS team is pleased to announce an update to the existing BOS service. This update introduces a number of enhancements and bug fixes to the Bristol Online Surveys service. The most significant changes are listed below:

  • The number of responses a survey has received is now listed within your "My Surveys" page. The figures take the form of "actual responses/expected responses". The number of expected responses can be set within the "Options" area for each survey.
  • Users will now see the licence expiry date and Primary Contact person for their account listed at the top of the "My Surveys" page.
  • The "Account Details" page now lists the expiry date for your BOS licence.
  • It is now possible, for survey authors in accounts without fine grained account security, to set a specific user as the contact person for BOS survey. The details for this person will be listed on the contact us page as seen by survey respondents. Accounts with fine grained account security have had this functionality available to them for some time.
  • For account administrators the contact person for a particular survey will now be listed next to the title of the survey in the "My Surveys" page.
  • Back-end tweaks to improve performance for survey authors.
  • Numerous text changes within the admin interface for BOS to improve clarity.

This release also includes a number of bug fixes. These include:

  • Custom skins are now correctly applied on all screens seen by respondents.
  • Under certain circumstances the use of "Finish Later" functionality could lead to a duplication of data submitted by respondents. This bug has now been fixed.
  • On surveys using a language translation (other than English) there was a bug that could lead to a display issue in the text of the email sent to respondents opting to "Finish Later". This has now been fixed.
  • We have also adjusted the positioning of the calendar pop-up as seen by respondents so that it no longer obscures the answer field for this question. This means that date questions can also be completed using keyboard input.
  • We have improved the error checking and clarity of messages displayed to administrators when creating new users.